D.O.T. Hydrotest Facility

500-HP-CYLINDER-TEST-CONSOLE-ONLY_5We are a licensed/certified D.O.T. testing facility for all of your cylinder needs, and the only one in Central Oregon.  FirePro tests and certifies all types of cylinders, including fire extinguishers, industrial cylinders, scuba tanks and paint ball tanks.

What is hydrotesting, and why do I need it?

The Department of Transportation licenses companies to provide hydrotesting of fire equipment to ensure that it is safe to use and will perform properly.

Hydrotesting is a pressure test with water that determines if the cylinder has any flaws or leaks.

Over time, storage and use of extinguishers can cause deterioration of the cylinder, and hydrotesting is mandated to ensure that the extinguisher will work properly when it is needed.

Bring your cylinders to FirePro for the quickest turnaround.   Questions?  Ask us, we love to help.