Filter Exchange Program

Save Energy, Save Time, Save Money with the FirePro Quick Change Filter Exchange Program

Never have to worry about cleaning, replacing or repairing damaged or dirty filters. We start you with two sets of filters – one new set and your old set to be cleaned and repaired. In less than 5 minutes, We’ll replace dirty filters with clean ones and get out of your way.

The FirePro Quick Change Filter Exchange Program:

  • Prevents grease fires
  • Exhausts more efficiently
  • Promotes better working conditions
  • Reduces worry
  • Automatic services on your schedule
  • 5 minutes or less, guaranteed!

By changing filters more often, you:

  • Draw air evenly across your cooking line and run more efficiently.
  • Run more energy efficient.
  • Eliminate the need to buy and stock harsh chemicals and special soaps.
  • Save on staff hours.

You’ll have cleaner surfaces and dramatically lower the chance of tragedy.

Schedule your regular Filter Exchange service any time it is convenient for your restaurant.  We have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly programs, contact FirePro Bend now for a free Filter Exchange Program consultation.