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FirePro Bend provides total system expertise to help maintain your industrial fire protection service. Our experts bring together all the elements you need and fire protection systems in your Central Oregon Industrial System.

Simply put, we do it all—from start to finish. We are your single source for all your fire protection needs, including:

  • Installation & replacement
  • Repairs & inspections

That’s why top names in industrial and hospitality depend on us. If you need service for your Industrial fire suppression system in Central Oregon, click or call today!

If you have an Industrial System in Central Oregon, contact our fire protection company to schedule an Industrial fire suppression system inspection today and ensure you will always be protected during a fire emergency.

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Our Industrial Fire Suppression Services

  • Fewer Nozzles
  • Less Pipe
  • Always ready when you need it

FirePro Bend professionals are ready to support  your Central Oregon organization’s fire protection systems and service requests 24 hours a day. Call now for more information about industrial system installation